Welcome to LightOn Cloud Registration and FAQ 

1. Sign-up

As per our recent press release, we are opening our registration for those researchers and data scientists interested in trying out our technology on our cloud. The sign-up page is here

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  (ask us questions at lighton.cloud.question@lighton.io )

The press release says PyTorch and Scikit-learn support. Does this mean general support? 

Our API is based, so it can work with as any numpy based package.

Is it going to be as easy as changing from CPU to GPU?

LightOn Cloud will feature a VM where customers will have access to a CPU, a GPU and LightOn's OPU. A simple function call will allow computation to be performed on LightOn OPU.

How is the IP treated for algorithms running on your systems ?

Any algorithm running on LightOn Cloud is the property of the user. LightOn makes no claim whatsoever on the IP generated by users while using LightOn Cloud.